About me

How did I become the man I am today?

“I never chose the easy path, I always had a plan, a belief and a goal.” In several interviews I’ve made this statement and I still strongly believe that this is the only way up.

Having a plan allowed me to cope with all the opinions and negativity that was thrown my way. It wasn’t always the most pleasant, but I knew that I made the right choices and that this would bring me happiness.

My confidence and my abilities have always allowed me to take every comment and remark as a lesson. As fuel. As something that would push me towards a better version of myself. This conviction has formed me and modeled me to the man I am today.


I will always push myself to keep learning and to keep growing. Pushing myself to reach my goals

Self confident

I never lose faith in my abilities, my mind and my heart. No matter what ,I will always come back on top.


I always trust myself to make the right choices and to commit 100% to those choices.

Played games

clean sheets
penalties stopped

What is my legacy

I always strive to be a safe haven for the people around me. This is the foundation to develop myself and everyone I’m honored enough to guide and inspire. This is my greatest strength, the ability to be that mentor and to offer people the next step in their development.

Mediocrity and settling is the biggest threat to everyone’s life, personal development and in the long run, happiness. This is what I strongly believe. If you don’t push yourself everyday to be a better version of yourself, life is not worth living. But please enjoy yourself when doing so and make sure that you are proud of the steps you took and the challenges you have faced.

I want to pass on these lessons and beliefs during every training I give on the pitch and to every board member I speak to outside of the pitch.

What is my compass

I’m here to guide myself and others, to maintain balance at heart and in relationships, all to make sure we reach our potential. This is why I get up in the morning and what determines my success.

Doing so, I want to build bridges and connect dots, so I can ensure prosperity. For myself, but also for the people around me.

This makes me steadfast, allows me to stay true to myself and have 100% commitment to my goals, dreams and choices

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

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